AVERE BELGIUM is the representative federation that deals with the creation of the market for zero emission mobility in Belgium.

AVERE wants to accelerate the roll-out of zero emission vehicles by uniting the suppliers of products and services in this segment with the users of electric vehicles. AVERE will develop tools, build and share knowledge. By offering these tools and knowledge, AVERE wants to work on quality services and products, such as charging and energy solutions.

The members of AVERE Belgium are mainly active as car manufacturer, CPO (charge point operator), MSP (mobility service provider), consultant, leasing company, etc. In addition, EV drivers are also welcome in the largest network for electro-mobility in Belgium.

The organization has three major working areas:

  1. AVERE Academy: the EV sector has a permanent need for professional training of people that want to become active in the automotive sector of the future. AVERE provides qualitative training;
  2. AVERE Quality: in order to constantly offer the best quality as a new sector, we, as AVERE, want to provide the best services and products from our members. That is why AVERE works on quality by continuously innovating and working on an AVERE quality label;
  3. AVERE data: by maintaining and processing qualitative data concerning the sale of electric cars and the placement of charging stations, AVERE Belgium is the data reference in the field of electric mobility.

In addition, AVERE acts as a spokesperson for the EV sector, as a representative of the companies and EV riders and as the largest network of all actors active in the field of zero emission mobility.

The organization is in close contact with leading academic centers, such as VUB (Flemish University of Brussels) and MOBI. AVERE Belgium is also a member of AVERE – The European association for e-mobility.

Your benefits in relation to your region

Flanders wants its car fleet to be 100% by 2050 so the benefits are the most interesting but there are certain requirements which are listed on their site. The registration tax and the circulation tax are free in Flanders for electric cars until 2020.

From April 15, 2018, there will also be a bonus for electric motorcycles and electric mopeds Class B. In addition, it is no longer only individuals who are entitled to the zero-emission bonus, but also the non-profit organizations and carpool services. These companies can introduce several vehicles with a maximum bonus of 200,000 euros per company per year. It was also decided to freeze the premium level at 2017, both in 2018 and 2019. For cars, the adjustments apply retroactively to 1 January 2018. The passage, which previously indicated that the car could not be shared between individuals was removed.

The premiums for the purchase for new electric cars are as follows:

The premium for a motorcycle is 1.500 euro and for a Class B moped 750 euro (each with a maximum of 25% of the price).

In Wallonia and Brussels, there is no premium for the purchase of a new electric vehicle, but the circulation tax is set at the minimum amount of 61.50 euro and same for the circulation tax of 77.35 euro.